Aluminium Composite Material Cladding

We supply and install Aluminium Composite Cladding from Hawke's Bay and throughout Lower North Island to Wellington.

ACM is a great material for forming into building facades, feature walls and sun screens.

ACM is colour-fast and rust proof availble in a wide range of colours and finishes.

To see what can be done with Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) Cladding take a look at our gallery of completed work.

What is ACM?

Aluminium Composite Material is a composite material containing a plastic core sandwiched between two aluminium skins.

ACM is available in a range of types, thicknesses and finishes. It’s lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long lasting finishes make it ideal for creating unique cladding and facade solutions.


Flatness: The continuous laminating process results in excellent flatness of the panels.
Color uniformity: The coil coating process ensures complete colour consistency
Rigidity: ACM panels are light and strong sheet materials. ACM is as much as 15% lighter than solid Aluminium panels
Workability: ACM is easy to cut, bend, groove and shape with aluminium and woodworking tools.
Fire safety: While there are a range of ACM products from different manufacturers, AFC uses ACM with a fire resistant core.

Exterior Applications

ACM is one of the most suitable materials for external claddings of buildings, because of its lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long lasting coating qualities.
It is low maintenance and can be formed into specific facade treatments such as custom made mesh sun shades and louvers

Interior Applications

ACM is available in a variety of surface finishes with many coating variations, perfect for interior materials for shops, offices and factories.

ACM is perfect for use on interior walls, columns, ceilings and partitions. It is excellent in flatness and workability, and enables a significant weight reduction and simplifies panel installation.

Fire safety

Architectural Facades Co. uses ALPOLIC/FR which is a fire-rated ACM composed of aluminum skins and a fire-retardant core (non-combustible mineral-filled core). It passes most countries' fire-safety codes for exteriors and interiors. More about ACM cladding and fire safety here.


Is Aluminium cladding safe?

Aluminium Facades Co. uses non-combustible ACM for building cladding.

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