Corten Weathering Steel

Corten steel is a special steel with a rusted finish. It can be used as a building cladding or for feature walls and screens. Architetural Facade Co. can cut sheets to shape with state of the art manufacturing techniques.

The steel is made from a special blend of alloys and forms a stable rusting looking coating that does not need painting or special coatings.

Uses for Corten Steel

It is popular for use as cladding, screens and in sculptures due to it’s rustic finish.
It is also popular in landscaping. The rustic weathered finish is an ideal accompaniment to rough sawn timbers and concrete.

Does it stop rusting?

The rust layer that forms protects the metal from most further corrosion. However it can keep rusting, just as normal steel can rust. Corten weathered steel should not be used in seaside environments or where the climate is very humid. For example Hawke’s Bay and Wellington are suitable areas to use Corten steel, just not right next to the coastline or the beach.

Due to this careful consideration should be taken as to where and how weathering steel is used.

If you have questions about Corten steel and it’s applications please get in touch with Architectural Facades Co. They can answer any questions you might have about this unique product.


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